New Single ''Nonina Kemija'' Out Now!


"Seveda pa ni ta garažni pridih ekskluziven samo njegovemu pristopu in ustvarjanju. Nalezla se ga je tudi glasba s svojim surovim zvokom, catchy glasbo in občasnim fušom, ker je ponovno snemanje oz. presnemavanje fušov za šibke."

- Mitja Kralj (promotor)


New Merch

Since we've entered the 2nd lockdown I've brought to life the plague doctor in the shape of a T-shirt. I also designed a sweet ''Nonina Kemija'' enamel mug to enjoy your favourite concoction! You can order yours here.

Idrijske Novice Interview

A few days ago, I was invited to a local news studio and had a little chat about my musical journey and my new song ''Nonina Kemija''. You can watch the interview here

My First 2 Live Streams

The announced 2 gigs had to be executed virtually, due to the 2nd corona wave and new (old) restrictions. You can watch the 1st live stream here and the 2nd one here

Ding dong, dinner is served!

''Nonina Kemija'' (Granny's Chemistry) is now available to listen on all major streaming platforms. Click HERE to listen on the platform of your choice or head over to the music section on my website, where I also translated the lyrics…

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Merchandise launch!

For the past few months, I've been testing out some merch items and I'm happy to announce that they are from now on available on my merch store! They are super high quality and are made with the environment…

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''Little Birdie'' Music Video

The official music video for ''Little Birdie'' is now available on Youtube. Click here to watch it. I must say I learned lots of new stuff about filming and editing during the process. Enjoy the video!